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Information About Wasps

Information About Wasps

Information About Wasps – Wasps can be a big nuisance, especially in the summer months and having many wasps flying around your home is very unpleasant and more so if you are frightened of them like most people are.  Its getting stung by wasps that is more fearful, it does hurt too, also if you suffer from allergic reactions to wasp stings you are even more cautious of being around them.

The wasp nest can in most cases be quite difficult to find thats because they make their nests in darker quieter places like attics, garages and sheds, the edges of roofs and mainly where they are not going to be disturbed, they like to choose corner spots as their nest will be more protected. Its not uncommon for them to also make a nest in your home, if you have an unused room or wardrobe they could build a nest in there. In your garden they can make nests in trees and bushes and under the ground.

There is some good news about wasps nests once they have finished with the nest they never come back to it so once it is empty that will be the end of the wasps, if you do come across a dormant nest you can just know this down, however do make sure it is not active beforehand. we also strongly advise not to try and destroy any active nest as this will lead in you getting stung several times and this won’t be a pleasant experience and when a wasp stings or is killed the smell of its venom will cause the other wasps to become more aggressive, remember they are protecting their home.

Wasps start building their nests in the Spring time and at the beginning of the summer months and in most cases the nests can last up to 4 to 5 months depending on the weather, if its warm enough they can still be active in the winter months.

It also seems well certainly over the past 10 years or so that Scotland always seems to have the wasps first, we have no idea why this is the case and once Scotland starts a few weeks after then the rest of the UK will start with nests.

At Wasp Control Scotland we are all fully trained and Qualified to eradicate all nests and don’t worry if you can’t seem to find the nest as we will, we also aim to be with you the same day so we can make your home safe again.

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